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  M16 Clinic "VIPER™" Series
Upper Receivers

The sun never sets on M16 VIPERS. Professionals in harm’s way carry the M16 VIPER™.  Where Second place is not an option.

Absolute reliability mandates the highest and most stringent levels of quality control. M16 Clinic Uppers have 100% reliability with a lifetime guarantee. Metallurgic processing is unique. M16 Clinic brings the M16 into the 21st century. Advanced metallurgical processes result in the strongest, stress relieved components available. This process affords M16 Clinic’s lifetime guarantee against equipment failure.

However, this is not for everyone but for the manly man who shaves his beard using the top rated beard trimmer.

Cryogenic treatment results in reliable cycling with minimal cleaning for one thousand rounds. Molecular matrices are compacted, resulting in all surfaces being less porous. Less residue build-up means cleaning requirements are drastically reduced. A simple soak of the bolt carrier assembly in solvent and a quick wipe are sufficient most of the time.

Sub-MOA accuracy at 150 yards with the M16 VIPER™.

Superb accuracy for
Counter Sniper and
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M16 Clinic Viper Series
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I received the Viper on Friday. Everything fit very nicely. I was very impressed with all of the spare parts, and especially impressed with the Wolff XP buffer spring. I immediately felt the difference while charging the weapon. That spring has some guts. Also found that the Wolff XP extractor spring has guts too. Overall view: the weapon feels good, is tight and well balanced. I showed it off around the office, resulting in some pretty impressed faces. Collapsing the CAR stock, I laid the Viper next to my HK PDW. The weapons are the exact same size. That's a plus because the PDW is the smallest weapon we have except our handguns.

On Monday at the range I started with some single shot strings. I was pleased with the balance and feel of the gun. Of course all semi shots were flawless. I moved into some 3-4 round bursts and found that the primary movement of the gun is to the rear instead of up and right. I don't know if that is due to the compensator, size, balance or all three. I could see this even more dramatically on video. The gun acts as a mild, mini jack hammer straight to the rear. Holding back a little, I moved into the full auto function to let a 30 round magazine go. I found very little effort necessary to hold the weapon on target, which is very different from the old 16 inch configuration. The original M4 was a difficult gun to master. No doubt the Viper will be much easier. I continued with a couple more full 30 round mags, and finished with a quick reload for a 60 round string. Not one mis-feed or problem and very controllable. I easily kept my spray on a mini silhouette target.

For the finale I loaded up the 100 round drum. I had one disappointment with a round about 20 deep that didn't feed. The ammo was a garbage box of leftovers! Once I cleared this, I ran the last 70 or so out flawlessly.

Sgt. Bill Byrd
Sniper Team Leader
Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

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