In December 2005, the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) assisted their South American neighbors in preparing for the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The military and police forces of Brazil want to provide the most modern and safest venues for Olympic-caliber sports.  The Counterterrorism, Counter Drug, Military Liaison Officer of the U.S. embassy to Brazil, Lt. Col. Ed Jany, contacted NTOA Executive Director John Gnagey to make use of NTOA’s internationally-recognized training programs and high-quality instructor cadre.  John Gnagey assembled a cadre of instructors to present courses on Executive Protection, SWAT Command and Crisis Planning.   The NTOA law enforcement and military trainers related first-hand experiences with international sporting events, National Special Security Events (NSSE’s) and the Global War on Terror.   John Gnagey introduced the NTOA Team: Lt. Col. Ed Jany, Rick Iannucci, Lt. Col. Randy Watt, William Ikner, Imre Rohonczy, Kevan Dugan, Jan Dubina, Bob Chabali and Joe Robinson. The instructors were joined by a man who is providing a product that saves lives in the GWOT.  Greg Leaf is the inventor of the M16 Viper and owner of M16 Clinic.  His Viper upper receivers for the M16 system, possess unbeatable accuracy and reliability,  and have turned the heads of Special Operations people, contractors and law enforcement professionals.  The Brazilian Special Ops people put several thousand rounds through the M16 Vipers. They were very impressed.

Each team set to work imparting knowledge, answering questions and building friendships. Lt. Col. Randy Watt, 19th SF, said it best: “We are not here to teach the right way to prepare for a major event like the Pan American Games. We are here to exchange experiences and build consensus on best practices that apply in any jurisdiction in the free world.”  Information was delivered at an intense pace with translators working in Portuguese, Spanish and English.   By the third day of instruction, high-ranking representatives from five Central or South American nations had requested NTOA courses be taught in their respective countries. Graduation came all too early.  The goals had been set and NTOA’s mission was accomplished. Students went home with new experiences, information and sharing the high ideals of NTOA: to provide quality instruction, promote professionalism and the highest standards for law enforcement and military special operations units.

NTOA’s the Tactical Edge, Winter, 2006








My M16 VIPER-XRP is ideal for Urban Operations, especially mounted and helicopter ops.

Its maneuverability is excellent and its functioning is flawless.

An ideal Special Operations weapon system.


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