Combat Proven Upper Receivers for the M16
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Superb accuracy for
Counter Sniper and
Spotter / Observer
M16 VIPER™ Upper Receiver
(with Optional Coyote Ugly treatment)

M16 VIPER-XRP™ Upper Receiver
(eXtra Range / Perimeter)

Upper Receivers only (not the complete firearm) for use on customer's Lower Receiver



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M16 VIPER™: Upper Receiver Extremely compact M16 measuring only 24" inches overall length (when used on customer's CAR lower receiver collapsed).

M16 VIPER-XRP™: Upper Receiver Heavier 10.75" bull barrel for sustained, high volume full auto fire -- accuracy at 400 yards.

MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS: Entry work, Close Quarters Battle, Perimeter Security, Aircraft Crews, Vehicle / Motorcade Escorts, Diplomatic and VIP Protection.

•  Reduced recoil, total controllability, capable of two shot bursts in full auto
•  Bore life increased by 300%, throat erosion virtually eliminated
•  Sub-Minute of Angle Acurracy at 150 yards
•  Mil Std. 5.56mm/.223 caliber, muzzle velocity exceeds 2,400 feet per second
•  All components exceed Mil Standards, fully interchangeable with conventional uppers
•  Cost effective alternative to H&K MP5 and other (pistol caliber) submachine guns
•  Requires no additional training expense or time away from assignments
•  Combat proven -- Iraq 2004, 2005
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All M16 VIPER™ and M16 VIPER-XRP™ include:
  •  Complete flat top upper receiver tuned and test fired
•  4-Rail float tube with muzzle end cap and rail covers
•  Chamber finished to 5.56mm NATO specs
•  Cryogenically treated
•  Complete Bolt Carrier Assembly and Charging handle
•  Flip-up Front & Rear Sights
•  CNC machined solid aluminum vertical Pistol Grip
•  Lifetime Guarantee on M16 Clinic Upper Receivers

National Tactical Officers Association Member Tested & Recommended Program Report & Evaluation - M16 VIPER™

100 East Second Street Monroe, Michigan
Telephone: 734-240-7562


Update to original Report & Recommendation

I bench rest fired my M16 VIPER "BadAss" last week. Using a holograph site, without the benefit of spotting scope to adjust for fire,
I fired three rounds at a one inch diameter bottle cap. All three rounds penetrated the cap. The target was at 150 yards.
This remarkable event was witnessed by our Sniper Team Leader.
Upon walking up to the target, we both grinned and shook our heads. Sub Minute of Angle accuracy at 150 yards.

Sincerely yours,
Sgt. Frank Atkinson

Ms. Laura Gerhart,
Director of Member Product Testing , National Tactical Officers Association
Doylestown, PA

Dear Laura,

We were fortunate to test M16 Clinic’s new product, the M16 VIPER entry upper. When we first opened the box and saw the M16 VIPER, everyone had that little, bad-boy giggle working. The upper impressed us immediately due to its size. The quality was as expected, very high. Our Department has dealt with Greg Leaf at the M16 Clinic in the past and we are very impressed with his commitment to quality. The fit and finish of the M16 VIPER is excellent. The finish so impressed us when we matched it against other manufacturers’ uppers in our inventory. The results were predictable. The quality of the M16 VIPER was superior to that of all the others.

Day One at the range. We conducted dry vehicle assaults and simulated building searches with the M16 VIPER attached to a conventional M16 full auto lower receiver with CAR (collapsible) stock. The compact design of the M16 VIPER allowed for more efficient vehicle assaults. When the operator approached the vehicle, he was able to attain a better dominant muzzle direction at the vehicle.

During building clearing and room clearing, the M16 VIPER’s compact size again provided the operator with more mobility and control. Operators (MCSO Special Response Team members) commented that they felt more confident because they were not “telegraphing” their movements as much with the M16 VIPER, compare to a conventional length barrel. The short design benefits the user if a struggle ensued, causing a weapon retention scenario.

Day two at the range. Our first live fire exercises with the VIPER were done in semi auto mode. We found that the weapon held accuracy very well out to fifty yards. At the one hundred yard mark we were able to hit five-inch paper plates with almost every round. We currently use 11.5” barrels on our M16s that were accurized and tuned last year at the M16 Clinic. We saw no difference in accuracy between the M16 VIPER and our 11.5” tuned uppers. We put over five hundred rounds through the M16 VIPER in semi-auto with no malfunctions.

We then did two shot bursts, three shot bursts, and full auto. Due to Greg’s design, the M16 VIPER performed as we had expected. We were able to get two, three, and four shot bursts in the full auto mode. The weapon was so controllable, we easily fired one round shots on full auto. The shot groupings of the bursts were within one inch of each other from three feet to thirty-six feet. Going to full auto, we put one thirty round magazine through the M16 VIPER at three yards. The operator was able to keep all thirty rounds inside the five-inch paper plate. The control of the weapon was very smooth. The M16 VIPER performed without any malfunction.

In closing, M16 Clinic’s M16 VIPER upper receiver would benefit any tactical team.

Sincerely Yours,

Sgt. Frank Atkinson
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Special Response Team
Monroe County, Michigan

•  Custom bags for M16 VIPERS™ and M16 VIPER-XRPs
COYOTE UGLY triple coat ceramic treatment as an option on VIPERS
A.R.M.S. Throw lever mounts for optics and lights
•  EOTech 552 Sighting systems
Trijicon ACOGs

All sales final  •  Lifetime Guarantee on M16 Clinic Upper Receivers  •  M16 Clinic does not sell firearms
Sales limited to active duty military, active duty law enforcement, and Independent Contractors deployed overseas

Call or E-mail for Pricing: 505-757-3303 8am-4pm MST,
Specify Branch of Service, Law Enforcement Agency, or IC's parent Contractor/Company

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